Numerous Recipes for the Hunter's Bounty -
Wild Game Recipes

Wild Game Recipes will provide you with numerous ways to cook your recent bounty.
Most of these simple stew recipes were given to me by actual hunters while we owned the lodge. These were their favorite ways to cook their wild meat.

The topic of how to cook wild meat always came up after they shot something and favorite wild game recipes were often an entire evenings discussion.

Other recipes I have posted here are my own personal favorites that I have fine tuned over the years. My husband also hunted every year and our freezer sometimes had numerous types of wild meat.

I hope you enjoy these wild game recipes as much as we do.

General Info for Wild Game Recipes

Most wild meat is of a finer grain than domestically raised meat. It also contains much less fat IN the meat. This can make the meat very tough if not cooked properly.

In most cases a slow, long period of cooking will tenderize the meat and flavour it with the vegetables or spices which are added to the pot.

This is actually how the first stews were made, once man discovered fire.

The long slow cooking process also ensures that the meat is well cooked. Wild meat should never be eaten in any form other than "well-done".

In North America (Mexico - Canada) deer is the most commonly hunted game animal. There are over 24 species of wild animals hunted in North America every year. Everything from Doves to Bison. All of these require special licenses or tags as they also do in other countries.

Wild Game can be broken into two main categories: the feathery type or furry type.

Marinating for Wild Game Recipes

Wild meat most definitely benefits from marinating before cooking. Your best choices for a marinade are an oil based type, since this will add some oil to replace the missing fat content.

There are many store bought marinades available today with all different types of flavours or you can simply make your own with some oil, a little wine or beer, and some spices. How long you marinate the meat for depends on how strong you want the flavours of the marinade to become and on the wild game recipe. Generally over-night or 24 hours is sufficient for most wild game recipes. Remember that the marinating meat must be kept in the frig and it should be turned at least once if not more times.

Tips for Wild Game Recipes

1. Do not add any salt to wild meat in a rub because salt will draw out the juices from the meat and prevent proper browning which will result in dry meat.

2. Brush the meat with a cooking oil to seal in the flavour. This also prevents the meat from becoming dry. Marinades and wines are commonly used as well as rubs made with herbs and spices, in many wild game recipes.

3. Wild meat burgers are very lean and require the addition of fat in the form of bacon, olive oil or cheese, or blending with beef, to achieve “hamburger” cooking time, texture, and taste.

Wild Game Taste in your Wild Game Recipes?

If your meat came from the wild (as opposed to farmed game) and it has a strong “gamey” taste, try one or more of the following:

• Soak the meat overnight in a glass or plastic pan with salted water, milk, buttermilk or vinegar.

• Refrigerate the meat for 3 to 7 days before cooking to enhance tenderness. This is called "aging" the meat.

• Marinate the meat in a liquid containing wine or vinegar mixed with some heavier flavours such as soy or garlic or onion slices.

• Serve a sweet or spicy sauce with the meat to balance the wild taste.

• A major source of the "gamey" taste is in the fat - therefore trim any and all fat from the meat before cooking.

Wild Game Recipes

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