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Rabbit Stew Recipes

Rabbit Stew Recipes originated when people first discovered that rabbit could be eaten. Today's domestic rabbit is a descendent from the European wild rabbit.

rabbit stew recipes, how to make rabbit stew

In Europe, rabbits are a popular game animal and in many other countries are a major source of meat.
Seafarers often dropped off rabbits onto islands and other countries with the intention that they would thrive and reproduce - thus providing a source of food for their return.
Humans introduced rabbits into the Mediterranean Area during the Roman times and throughout much of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Today wild rabbits exist on every continent except for Asia and Antarctica and are generally considered an agricultural pest by most farmers since they eat the planted crops and compete with farm animals for forage.

Selective breeding and Domestication and selective breeding has given rise to many new breeds - some strictly for pets but mostly for commercial purposes such as meat, skins, wool and for test labs.

When the rabbit or “coney’ was first introduced to Great Britain (somewhere in the eleventh century), they were kept wild in huge open fenced areas - these were called warrens. Some people were afraid that they might not survive the British winters so their selected breeding stock was kept in "hutches". These were called Clapper Coneys. Some clapper coneys were even kept as household pets.

In the United States there is one town named "Rabbit Hash". It is said that the name originated during the flood of 1847 when the abundant local rabbit population as well as the local people, were driven to higher ground and the rabbits became the local food staple in a special simple stew recipe called "hash."

Rabbit Stews

Among some of the more famous Rabbit Stews is the German Hasenpfeffer and the French Lapin au vin.

Since rabbit meat is quite mild flavoured (some people compare it to chicken) spices and herbs play a big part in the preparation of these simple stew recipes. Marinating the meat for a few hours or a few days before cooking also imparts a new flavour to the dish.

Rabbit (wild or domesticated) has very little fat and people who consume mostly rabbit in their diets have become “rabbit starved” – which means that they are lacking from an intake of fat, which is necessary for our bodies to function properly.

In this chapter I have collected a few different Rabbit Stew Recipes including the famous ones – for you to try. I also have a few Crockpot Rabbit Stews – which you will find listed under Crockpot Recipes on the Navigation Bar on the left.

Rabbit Stew Recipes

Hasenpfeffer Recipe – a famous German Rabbit Stew where the meat is marinated for a few days in red wine and vinegar. The resultant gravy is sort of sweet and sour.

Lapin au vin – adapted from the Coq au vin - this recipe uses white wine as a base for the gravy.

Classic Rabbit Stew - marinated over-night in white wine and then simmer to a tender tasty perfection.

Flemish Rabbit Stew – with red wine & vinegar + a dash of nutmeg gives a sweet and sour gravy

Complete Rabbit Stew – has lots of healthy vegetables, tender chunks of meat & a touch of rosemary for a complete hearty meal.

Simple Rabbit Stew Recipe – made with red wine and lots of vegetables – Great for a cold day.

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