Simple Stew Recipes to create the ultimate comfort meal.

Nothing beats a hot bowl of stew.

Simple Stew Recipes have been around for a very long time and all over the world people adapted the ingredients to the stew pot with whatever they had.

Nothing can beat a steaming bowl of stew on a cold or wet day. Add a slice of home-made bread or - better yet, dumplings cooked right in the stew broth - and you have a hearty, healthy comforting meal.

The first simple recipes were developed when man discovered fire. Since then man (woman) has thrown whatever game and vegetables he (she) could find into a pot (or container) and let it cook over a low fire until it was tender and rendered a thick sauce (gravy) - simple.


The earliest documented stew recipes were published in the 1st century. Later more cookbooks showed simple recipes for stews, ragouts, bourguignon, goulashes, etc. These are all a form of a simple stew recipe.

Nearly every country has it's own simple recipes and they vary even within countries. It all depended on the meat available and the vegetables in season. Over time, some simple recipe ingredients became more solidified and they began to assume names to distinguish one type from another.

The combination of starchy vegetables, cooked slowly for a long time, acted as a thickening agent and created a gravy. By dunking bread into this sauce, it extended the meal and satisfied the eaters' hunger.

There are basically 2 types of simple stew recipes: White Stew & Brown Stew.

White Stew is generally made with veal, fish or poultry that is blanched and then cooked in the broth. Alternatively, it can be poached in the broth or wine first.

Brown Stew is generally made with beef, pork, or mutton that is first browned or seared before a stock or broth is added.

The most common traditional meats used in simple stew recipes are:

- Beef - such as: Chuckwagon (Cowboy), Flemish, Mulligan, Spicy, with Vegetables, with Wine

- Mutton or lamb - such as: Irish, Spicy, with Vegetables, with Beer

- Pork - such as: Savory Pork, French Canadian, Ragout, with Apples, with Wine

- Chicken - Brunswick, Fricasse, Booyah, with Wine, with Vegetables, with Green Chilis

- Cassoulets - the 3 World Famous Cassoulets + a simpler stew recipe version

- Gumbos - from Louisiana, the Gumbo Capital - Cajun, Creole, Fish gumbos + others.

Separate categories need to be listed for the following:

- Wild Game Stews - for bear, venison, rabbit, elk, moose, etc.

- Stroganoffs - such as: Asian Turkey, Beef, Beef with Wine, Chicken, Hamburger, Meatball, Sausage, Skidrow, Sirloin

- Chilis - such as: Texas, Cincinnati(Skyline), Blue Ribbon, Chuckwagon(cowboy), Hunt Camp, Polish, Russian, Vermont

- Goulashes - such as: Hungarian, American, German, Quick, Veal, Beef with Wine


- Dumplings - What is a stew without Dumplings? - flour dumplings, bread dumplings, potato dumplings + more

Various flavours can be achieved by the use of spices/herbs, different vegetables, the method of cooking and other additives. This is somewhat how simple stew recipes became so different even using the same type of meat.

On this website I am going to provide you with simple stew recipes for most of these delicious and healthy one-pot meals.

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